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Brazilian Aventurine & Swarovski Crystals Necklace

Brazilian Aventurine & Swarovski Crystals Necklace
Item# brazilian-aventurine-amp-swarovski-crystals-necklace
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Product Description

Brazilian Aventurine & Swarovski Crystals Necklace
This piece is BEAUTIFUL! They colors are very Soothing and Soft in colors of blues and creams. These are Brazilian Aventurine Fancy Designer Rare gemstones. This necklace measures 22 inches long and is free flowing on nylon thread with a silver heart toggle closure. There are antique silver squares in between the gemstones along with Swarovski crystals.

Aventurine has been used as a lucky talisman and is a popular stone for gamblers. Legends say that it is an all-purpose healer, used to reduce stress, develop confidence, imagination and improve prosperity. A legend from ancient Tibet says that aventurine was used to improve nearsightedness and to increase the wearer's creativity. Many believe that aventurine has the capacity to calm a troubled spirit and bring about inner peace.

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