Laineys cookies are SO GOOD you JUST may forget they're for Doggies and eat them Yourself! Go ahead...You wont be the first & Your secret is safe with us!
Dalmation Puppy Necklace
Hearts of Purple Puppy Necklace
Laineys Baseball Cookies
Laineys Brownies
Laineys Crispy Apple Cookies
Laineys Dipped Chew Sticks
Laineys Heavy on the PeanutButter Cookies
Laineys Kitty Kookies
Laineys Memorial Paw Magnet
Laineys Milk Chocolate & Coconut Cookies
Laineys Milk N BlueBerry Cookies
Laineys Pawtini Cookies
Laineys Pumpkin Pie Bread
Pink & Silver Necklace & Matching Bracelet
Pumpkin Puppy Necklace
©Laineys Dog Cream Cones
"Believe" Breast Cancer Ribbon Pins
"Daddy's Girl Charm
*NEW* Paw Print Doggie Gift Bag
*NEW* Victorian Mommy & Me Scarfs
3 Strand Pink Pearl Bracelet
Abalone Puppy Necklace
African Map Jasper Necklace©™
Aqua Beads Doggie Necklace
Autumn Puppy Scarf
Autumns Bucket of Howl-O-Ween Goodies©
Autumns Cherry Oatmeal Muffins ©™
Autumns Maple Cookies©
Baby Blue Puppy Scarf
Basket for New Boy Puppy
Best FriendsCoin Charm
Birthday Cake Charm
Birthday Hat Charm
Birthday Hat in Blue
Birthday Hat in Pink
Blue & Green Swirl Necklace
Blue Brazilian Jasper Set
Blue Green Squared Bracelet
Blue LadyBug
Blue Pearl Chic Necklace
Blue Pearls & Crystal Paw Necklace
Blue Sparkle Anklet
Blue Sparkle Scarf
Blue Speckled Stone
Blue Swirls Squared Bracelet
Bookmarks & Key Chains
Bow Wow Puppy Blanket
Brazilian Agate Puppy Necklace
Brazilian Aventurine & Swarovski Crystals Necklace
Breast Cancer Doggie Necklace
Breast Cancer Pink Boucle Scarf
Breast Cancer Pink Pearl Keychain
Breast Cancer Ribbon Watch
Breast Cancer Survivor Book Mark
Cats Eye Pink Sparkle Necklace
Chic Cream Pearl Necklace
Christmas Items
Christmas Noel
Christmas Throw for Humans
Clear & Silver Bracelet
Coming Soon
COMING SOON..... our NEW line of Doggie Sleeping Bags
Cookie Jars, Coasters, Gifts, etc
Crazy About Coconut Oil for Us and Our Animals
Cross in Pink
Crowned Kitty Face Charm
Crystal Open Heart Charm
Daddy's Princess Charm
Dog & Cat Blankets
Doggie & Kitty Gift Baskets
Doggie & Kitty Necklaces
Doggie Scarf's & Sweater's
Doggie Sweater with Scarf
Doggie Sweaters
Doggie Xmas Gift Bags
Dogs Drool Charm
Dumb Blonde Charm
Easter At Laineys
Fire Opal Heart
Football Helmet with Football
Fushia Fluff Afghan
Gift Bags & Wrappings etc.
Gifts Certificates
Gold Cross Charm
Green & Blue Swirls Necklace
Green & Pink Crystals and Pearls
Halloween at Laineys
Hand Dipped in Chocolate Pretzels
Happy Birthday Basket for Girl
Happy Birthday Charm
Hope Breast Cancer KeyChain
Host a Home Party
I heart My Dog Bone Magnet
I heart My Lab Bone Magnet
I Love My Mutt Paw Magnet
I Want Them All Bakery Basket
Indian Summer Anklet
Keepsake Paw Print Kit
Kitty Bed
Kitty Charm
Kittys Nip Brownies
Lainey Keeping our Babies Warm, Comfy & Stylish
Lainey's Chick Take Out
Lainey's Fudge
Lainey's Ham & Cheese Poppers
Lainey's Pizza Chips
Lainey's Pizza Poppers
Lainey's Bakery
Lainey's Cakes
Lainey's Christmas Gift Box with Cookies
Lainey's Cookie Baskets & Buckets
Lainey's Doggie Cookies
Lainey's Pizza's & Etc.
Laineys Baby Chick Cookie Jar
Laineys Bag of Valentine Yummy©™
Laineys Bagels Apple cinnamon, Blueberry, Original or Chocolate
Laineys Baseball Bucket©
Laineys Beaded Halloween Necklace
Laineys Believe Cookie Bucket PLAIN PINK Bucket
Laineys Birthday Basket No. 2
Laineys Birthday Cookie Set
Laineys Birthday Goodies
Laineys Birthday Package No. 1
Laineys Birthday Present Cake
Laineys Blue Capri Puppy Scarf
Laineys Blue Polka Dot Cookie Pail
Laineys Blue Puppies and Paws Blankies
Laineys Breakfast Brittle
Laineys Breast Cancer Bone Cookies
Laineys Breast Cancer Ribbon Cookies
Laineys Brownie Birthday Cake
Laineys Bunny Mini Eggs
Laineys Bunny Take Out
Laineys Candy Cookies
Laineys Canine Breast Cancer Blanket
Laineys Carob Covered Strawberries Mini Donuts
Laineys Carrot Cake ©
Laineys Cat Cookie Jar
Laineys Checkered Cookie Box
Laineys Cheesey Bacon Garden Vegetable Cookies
Laineys Cheesey Garden Vegetable
Laineys Cherry Milk Cookie
Laineys Cherry Orange Biscotti ©™
Laineys Chocolate Cake
Laineys Chocolate Christmas Pawtini's©
Laineys Chocolate Milk
Laineys Chocolate Milk N Cookies
Laineys Chocolate Pawgels Bits©
Laineys Chocolate Pawscotti
Laineys Chocolate PeanutButter Bundt Cake
Laineys Christmas Canoli
Laineys Christmas Cat Cookies
Laineys Christmas Cookie Bucket Green
Laineys Christmas Doggie Necklace lV
Laineys Christmas Doggie Necklace V
Laineys Christmas Gift Box with Gift Certificate
Laineys Christmas Gift Certificate
Laineys Christmas Kitty Bowl
Laineys Christmas Kitty Brownies
Laineys Christmas Stocking with Cookies
Laineys ChristmasTime Lunch
Laineys Cocoa Noodles ©
Laineys CocoNutty Chips©
Laineys Coffin Cookie Gift Box©
Laineys Coffin Cookie Gift Box©
Laineys Cookie Filled Easter Egg Small
Laineys Cookie Nest
Laineys Cookie of the Month Club
Laineys Cookie of the Month Club
Laineys Cookie Sample Box
Laineys Cookie Sampler Surprise 50 ©
Laineys CranCherry Pinwheels ©™
Laineys CranCherryNut Granola Bars©™
Laineys Cup of Cookies
Laineys Cupid Donuts
Laineys Custom Cake & Cookies
Laineys Custom Cookies
Laineys Custom Cookies with Tin and Bow
Laineys Custom Cookies with Tin N Bow N Pawprint Box
Laineys Dog Mom Bone Magnet blue
Laineys Dog Mom Bone Magnet pink
Laineys Easter Bunny Cookie Jar
Laineys Fallen Hearts Dounts
Laineys Fan Gear
Laineys Fan Wear & Human Bling
Laineys Fan Wear T-Shirts
Laineys Fridge Magnets
Laineys Fruity Nuts n Honey
Laineys Fruity Pizza©
Laineys Gifts
Laineys GingerMint Men
Laineys Halloween Goodie Package©™
Laineys Halloween LoliPups©™
Laineys Halloween Swirl Cookies©™
Laineys Hanukkah Cookie Dreidels
Laineys Hanukkah Cookies
Laineys Hanukkah Cookies
Laineys Hawaiian `ilio pupu©
Laineys Hawaiian `Ono Niu `ilio pupu©
Laineys Hawaiian Ono Niu ilio pupu©
Laineys Heart Filled Cookies©™.
Laineys Here Kitty Kitty Blankie
Laineys Holloween Marble Cookies
Laineys Howl-i-Day Bars
Laineys Human Jewelry & Breast Cancer Items
Laineys I Love My Dog Bone Magnet
Laineys I Love My Lab Paw Magnet
Laineys I Love You Take Out©™
Laineys Kitty Holiday Blanket
Laineys Kitty Kookie Dish Silver
Laineys Kitty Kookies
Laineys Kitty Nips
Laineys Lab Address Book
Laineys Large Cookie Filled Easter Egg
Laineys Large Cookie Filled Easter Egg
Laineys LayAway
Laineys Leopard Blankie©
Laineys Leopard Blankie©
Laineys Leopard Blankie©
Laineys Leopard Doggie Blanket ©™
Laineys LIMITED EDITION Signed Bags ML
Laineys LIMITED EDITION Signed Bags ST
Laineys Little Pink Clouds©
Laineys Love Basket©
Laineys Love Brownies©
Laineys Love Candy©
Laineys Love Chews©
Laineys Love Cookies
Laineys Love Cookies©
Laineys Love DouNips
Laineys Love Drops
Laineys Magnets
Laineys Medium Rawhide Sprinkles
Laineys Medium Rawhide Sprinkles
Laineys Metal Cookie Bucket
Laineys Milk Chocolate Cookies with Choc Sprinkles
Laineys Mini Bucket of Love©
Laineys Mini Christmas Gift Cookie Basket
Laineys Mini Christmas Stocking (blue felt)
Laineys Mini Christmas Stocking (green and red felt)
Laineys Mini Christmas Stockings (blue velvet print)
Laineys Mini Cookie Bucket
Laineys MINI Cookie of the Month Club
Laineys Mini Easter Cookie Basket
Laineys Mini Ghost Cookie Jar
Laineys Mini Howl-O-Ween's©
Laineys Mini Kitty Kristmas Kookies
Laineys Mini Xmas Stocking red stripe
Laineys Mommy & Me Cookie of the Month Club
Laineys Mousey Meownuts
Laineys Nanner-Kins©™
Laineys Neapolitan Sundae©
Laineys Papaya-Berry Cookies©
Laineys Paw Coasters
Laineys Pawgels Bits©
Laineys PawNola Bars ©™
Laineys PawNola Chews©
Laineys Peppermint Bark
Laineys Peppermint Snowmen
Laineys Pink Dalmation Doggie Blanket
Laineys Pink Girlie Blankie
Laineys Premium Cookie Line
Laineys Pumpkin Brownie
Laineys Pumpkin Bundt Cake
Laineys Pumpkin Cookie Bowl
Laineys Pumpkin Nip Pie ©
Laineys Puppy Purses, Magnet, Gift Bags etc.....
Laineys Puzzle Cookies
Laineys Rawhide Sprinkles
Laineys Rawhide Sprinkles
Laineys Rawhide Sprinkles
Laineys Red Dalmation Doggie Blankie
Laineys Reindeer Cookie Filled Jar.
Laineys Religious Christmas Cookies
Laineys Retro Hearts
Laineys Retro Puzzle Cookies
Laineys Sending You My LOVE©
Laineys Shelter Babies Santa Project Cookies
Laineys Single Scoop Sundae©
Laineys Snow Donuts in Mini
Laineys Special Delivery
Laineys Spring Bundt Cakes
Laineys Spring Cookie Basket ©
Laineys Spring Puppy Scarf
Laineys Sweet BBQ Biscotti©
Laineys Sweetheart Boxed Cookies
Laineys Tail Wags for a Cure© Fan Gear!
Laineys Tail Wags for a Cure© T-shirt
Laineys TAIL WAGS FOR A CURE©™ Blankies
Laineys TAIL WAGS FOR A CURE©™ Cookies
Laineys TAIL WAGS FOR A CURE©™ Necklace Bling!
Laineys Teeny Halloween Cookie Bucket©
Laineys Tiniest Christmas Cookies
Laineys Tiny Bubble Bone Jar
Laineys Tres Chic Doggie Necklace ©™
Laineys Valentine Cookie Tins©™
Laineys Valentine Cookies
Laineys Veggie Biscotti©
Laineys Veggie Pizza
Laineys Veggie Pizza Slice
Laineys WHAT CHICK Cookie Jar
Laineys Whimsical Christmas Cookies
Laineys Winter Time Cookies
Laineys WinterTime Mints
Laineys Witch Cookie Jar
Laneys PB-Witches Brooms©™
Lavender and Cream Necklace
Little Boy Blue Doggie Necklace
Live Charm
Love Charm
Loved in Pink Necklace
M n M Doggie Puppy Necklace
Mc Laineys Shamrock Brownies©
Memorials For Your Babies...
Mommy & Me Scarf's
Mommy n Me Chocolate Scarf
Mommy n Me Victorian Scarf
Mother of Pearl Bracelet
New Puppy Basket for a Girl
O'Laineys St. Patricks Day Cookies
O'Laineys Luck of the Irish Candy©
O'Laineys Luck of the Irish Cookies©
O'Laineys Mini Bucket of Irish©
Ok...Now you Sit Charm
Orange Delight Necklace
Our Ingredients
Paisley Heart Charm
PAW'S PetAirWay Airlines
Pet Charms
Pet CPR & First Aid Kits and Survival Tips
Pet Memorials & Keepsakes
Pink & Black Swirls in Clear
Pink & Clear Acrylic Necklace
Pink & Green Flowers
Pink Angel Puppy Necklace
Pink Candy Breast Cancer Bracelet
Pink Crackle Glass Necklace
Pink Crystal Encrusted Ribbon Charm
Pink Enamel Ribbon Charm
Pink Flowers in Glass
Pink Heart Cats Eye
Pink Heart Pearls Breast Cancer Bracelet
Pink Hearts Necklace
Pink Kitty Charm
Pink Kitty Pearl Necklace
Pink Love Puppy Necklace
Pink Paw Charm
Pink Pearl Necklace
Pink Puppy Scarf
Pink Quartz Hearts Puppy Necklace
Pink Ribbon Charm
Pink Ribbon Charm
Pink Rock Star Necklace
Pink Rondell Crystal Anklet
Pink Sexy Charm
Pink Spacer Crystal Charm
Pink Sparkle Scarf
Pink Square Swirl Breast Cancer Bracelet
Pink Squared Breast Cancer Bracelet
Pink Stone Puppy Necklace
Pink Stones and Crystals Necklace
Pink Summertime Pearls
Pink Survivor Ribbon Charm
Pink Swirl & Foil Breast Cancer Bracelet
Pink Swirl Breast Cancer Bracelet
Pink Swirl Lamp Bead Necklace
Prince Bone Charm
Puppy & Kitty Beds
Puppy Balloon
Puppy Purse for The Puppy's People
Puppy Purse in Hot Pink
Puppy Stamp Bed 2
Puppy Xmas Gift Bag
Puppy Xmas Gift Bag
Purple Crystal Butterfly Necklace
Purple Disc and Crystal Necklace
Purple Fuzzy Puppy & Kitty Blanket
Purple Sparkle Shawl
Red & Green Glass Marble Necklace
Red & Green Necklace
Red Crystal Anklet
Red Flower Necklace
Red Paw Necklace
Rock Candy Necklace
Rose Sherbert Necklace
Round Picture Frame Charm
Safety Tips & Info for Our Babies
Santa Cookie Gift Jar
Silver Diamond Cross Charm
Silver Heart Cutie Charm
Silver Heart with Pink Ribbon Charm
Silver Lining in a Cloud Puppy Necklace
Silver Swirls Breast Cancer
Special Edition Crystal Breast Cancer Scarf
Spoiled Blue Doggie Necklace
Spring Flowers & Pink Bugle Beads
Spring Scarf
Strawberry Delight Puppy Blanket
Teal n Yellow Mommy & Me Scarfs
Teeny Tiny Pink Puppy Necklace
Testimonials From Our Customers
The Cure Silver Heart
Top 10 Drugs That Poison our Pets
Top 10 Pet Poisons of 2008
Tough Guy Necklace
Two Hearts MOM XOXO
Two Tone Blue Bone Charm
Valentines Day at Laineys
Victorian Summer Necklace
Vintage Look Necklace
White Bunny Rabbit
White Catseye Puppy Necklace
White LadyBug Charm
White Lamp Bead Necklace
White Puppy Hearts
Winter Skin and Paw Care Tips
Xmas Fleece Basket
Xmas Gift Basket
Xmas Moose Cookie MIx Jar
Yellow and Cream Necklace
~* New*~ Customized Doggie Sweater
~* NEW*~ White Cable Knit Doggie Sweater
~HOLIDAY!~ Made With Love Doggie Necklace
~HOLIDAY~ Christmas Doggie Necklace I
~HOLIDAY~ Christmas Doggie Necklace II
~HOLIDAY~ Christmas Doggie Necklace III
~HOLIDAY~ Christmas Marble Doggie Necklace
~HOLIDAY~ Mommy Christmas Necklace
~HOLIDAY~ Noel Christmas Puppy Necklace
~HOLIDAY~ Olivine Christmas Doggie Necklace
~HOLIDAY~ Red Christmas Swirls Doggie Necklace
~NEW~ "Believe" Breast Cancer Ribbon Pins
~NEW~ Double Pink Heart Swarovski Earrings
~NEW~ Duckies Wearing Sunglasses
~NEW~ Laineys Summer Fun Bucket
~NEW~ Large Yellow and Clear Swarovski Cyrstal Earrings
~NEW~ Lilac Swarovski Crystal Hearts
~NEW~ Pink Polkadot Puppy Purse
~NEW~ Red Swarovski Heart Earrings
~New~ Swarovski Hearts in Yellow and Clear
~New~ Swarovski Purple Opaque Earrings
~NEW~ Yellow and Clear Swarovski Hearts
©Laineys Batter Up-Sox cookies
©Laineys Bucket of Love
©Laineys Bunch of Bananas
©Laineys Caked Bones
©Laineys Carob Covered Strawberries Mini Donuts
©Laineys Carrot Faces
©Laineys Coconut Mint Patties
©Laineys Ice Cream Woofiches
©Laineys Irish Necklace
©Laineys Lavender Milk & Lemon Cookies
©Laineys Love Letter Necklace
©Laineys Mini Bottle Cookies
©Laineys Mini Christmas Morning Donuts
©Laineys Mini Love Cannoli's
©Laineys Pawnic Baskets
©Laineys Peppermint Pattie Cookies
©Laineys Santa Bears
©Laineys Snowballs
©Laineys Snowmen Cakes
©Laineys Strawberry Coconut Fingers
©Laineys Strawberry Shortcake
©Laineys Tiny Sparkle Brownies
©Laineys Woofles
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