Laineys cookies are SO GOOD you JUST may forget they're for Doggies and eat them Yourself! Go ahead...You wont be the first & Your secret is safe with us!

Laineys Blue Puppies and Paws Blankies

Laineys Blue Puppies and Paws Blankies
Item# laineys-blue-puppies-and-paws-blankies

Product Description

This blankie has brown CUTE little doggies with paw prints are on one side. The flip side is black. I hope that your doggie likes to snuggle because there is plenty to snuggle with!!

This is a nice size...measuring in at 38 1/2 x 24. You can also just throw this in the washer and dryer with no problems...VERY low maintenance.

I will Donate 5% of all sales to Research to Protect, Treat and Cure animals. In honor of my babies Tasha (who didnt survive cancer) and Chloe who did.

***if shipping ends up being Less than stated (.50 or more) I WILL REFUND your overage!***

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