Laineys cookies are SO GOOD you JUST may forget they're for Doggies and eat them Yourself! Go ahead...You wont be the first & Your secret is safe with us!

Laineys Bunny Mini Eggs

Laineys Bunny Mini Eggs
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Product Description

Laineys makes Easter FUN for the Babies.... Crack Open a Bunny Egg and see whats inside. These are made for the tinier babies we can fit approximately 50-60 of our Even Tinier Tiny Cookies!

Cookies could be made in our Kitty Recipe too!

INGREDIENTS: plastic egg × custom blend Gluten free flour × egg × touch of honey × coconut oil × powder milk × vanilla extract ×

ORDERS MUST BE PLACED NO LATER THAN Monday March 20, 2013 to ensure delivery by Sunday.

Laineys cookies are SO GOOD you JUST may forget they're for Doggies and eat them Yourself! Go ahead...You wont be the first. & Your secret is safe with us!

WE are the Home of ORIGINALS and Strive to be Unique and Original in our creations, DON'T settle for Copies.

FLOURS: for MOST Cookies We are using a Custom blend of flours Including Garbanzo Bean, Coconut & ChickPea. These are Wheat Free, Grain Free and Gluten Free.

BAKING TIME: Please allow up to 4-6 days (excluding weekends & Holidays) for cooking time BEFORE shipping

PLEASE NOTE: Despite my best efforts in packaging, I can NOT guarantee that you will not have some damage. I will continue to make every effort possible to package these items carefully so that they will arrive safely. We Ask that you Please help in alerting us to any problems so that we may access the situation and rectify them!

ALLERGY ALERT: Although a recipe may NOT contain Peanuts or Mint....They were prepared in a kitchen that HAS!

STORAGE: Since our treats have NO PRESERVATIVES they will not last as long as store bought treats. I would recommend 1 1/2 weeks in a treat jar or 4 months in the freezer. Treat these as you would your own baked goods for yourself.

NUTRITION: Even though we use the best ingredients.... it’s recommended that you seek advice from your veterinarian as to what food/ingredients are appropriate for your babies.

SHIPPING: I use US Priority Mail should get there 2-3 days....but its NOT a guarantee! ***if shipping ends up being Less than stated ($1 or more) I WILL REFUND your overage!*** I ALSO do combined shipping I will correct price.

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