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Laineys Here Kitty Kitty Blankie

Laineys Here Kitty Kitty Blankie
Item# laineys-here-kitty-kitty-blankie
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Product Description

This playful blankie will be the comfort spot for YOUR baby! Just the Perfect accessory for your pampered Kitty!

It is made with fleece and has the print on one side and plain pink on the other. I did something a little different this time and added some padding to the middle. So the thickness is about 3/4 to an inch thick!

It can be easily washed and dryed on regular. They are very low maintenance. Occasionally some of the fringe will come untied...just tie them back up! This blanket is Medium measures Approx 23 1/2 X 28.

I have only Two available right now!

***if shipping ends up being Less than stated (.50 or more) I WILL REFUND your overage!***

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