Laineys cookies are SO GOOD you JUST may forget they're for Doggies and eat them Yourself! Go ahead...You wont be the first & Your secret is safe with us!

Laineys Love Cookies

Laineys Love Cookies
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What a GORGEOUS Treat to share with your 4 legged Valentine! ©Laineys Love Cookies are so pretty you ALMOST wont want to EAT them..... Oh who are we Kidding.... YOUR baby will eat these up in a Second :O) You MAY even want to sneak some for yourself! These will be available all through the year JUST not at Valentines day because ..... well LOVE is for EVERYDAY ♥

These Love Cookies© are the 1st in our Love Series. There is also the Love Chew, Love Brownies, Love Candy and a Love Basket.

They are flavored with Plain Vanilla OR Vanilla & Lemon. You will receive 30 Tiny 1/4 to 1 inch OR (pictures 1 & 3) 20 Small 1 1/2 to 2 inch OR (pictures 2 & 4) 12 Medium 3-4 inch cookies.

Laineys cookies are SO GOOD you JUST may forget they're for Doggies and eat them Yourself! Go ahead...You wont be the first. & Your secret is safe with us!

WE are the Home of ORIGINALS and Strive to be Unique and Original in our creations, DON'T settle for Copies. I strive to Bake the Best .... Why Not Treat your Baby TO the Best!

PLEASE: allow up to 4-6 days (excluding weekends & Holidays) for cooking time BEFORE shipping

PLEASE NOTE: Despite my best efforts in packaging, I can NOT guarantee that you will not have some damage. I will continue to make every effort possible to package these items carefully so that they will arrive safely.

ALLERGY ALERT: Although a recipe may NOT contain Peanuts or Mint....They were prepared in a kitchen that HAS!

STORAGE: Since our treats have NO PRESERVATIVES they will not last as long as store bought treats. I would recommend 1 1/2 weeks in a treat jar or 4 months in the freezer. Treat these as you would your own baked goods for yourself.

NUTRITION: I use Virgin organic coconut oil OR grapeseed oil. it’s recommended that you seek advice from your veterinarian as to what food/ingredients are appropriate for your dog.

DONATIONS: of 5% of all sales go to Charities of the Month....I will announce it at the beginning of the month. In honor of my babies Tasha (cancer) & Jade & Noel (diabetes).

SHIPPING: starts at $5.50...I use US Priority Mail should get there 2-3 days....but its NOT a guarantee! ***if shipping ends up being Less than stated (.50 or more) I WILL REFUND your overage!*** I ALSO do combined shipping I will correct price.

©Laineys Pawtique & Bakery Inc. All images, likenesses, recipes, product names and designs are the intellectual property of Laineys Pawtique & Bakery Inc, and Laineys Pawtique & Bakery Inc., reserves all rights on all custom designs. All rights reserved.

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