Laineys cookies are SO GOOD you JUST may forget they're for Doggies and eat them Yourself! Go ahead...You wont be the first & Your secret is safe with us!

Laineys Mini Christmas Stockings (blue velvet print)

Laineys Mini Christmas Stockings (blue velvet print)
Item# laineys-mini-christmas-stockings-blue-velvet-print

Product Description

I have 10 Mini Stockings. They are All decorated and filled with two bags of Doggie cookies combined into one Christmas Cellophane bag. All you need to do is add the LOVE and give it to someone special!! I also have this stocking in Red, Green.

This stocking is shipped with a cold gel pack to keep your cookies cold and fresh!

I will Donate 5% of all sales to Research to Protect, Treat and Cure animals. In honor of my babies Tasha (who didnt survive cancer) and Chloe who did.

WHERE TO FIND or CONTACT US* twitter @laineyspawtique (773)936.3396