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Laineys Pumpkin Pie Bread

 Laineys Pumpkin Pie Bread
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Product Description

 Laineys Pumpkin Pie Bread
This Bread is just like Grandma's except its going to the dogs! All this bread is missing is some Apple Butter and Coffee, just dont give your baby the coffee!

The ingredients for this bread are: pumpkin pie filling..canola oil, honey, eggs, whole wheat flour, gound cinnamon and ground nutmeg.

Your Pet and Pumpkin: Canned pumpkin and sweet potatoes are both great sources of insoluable fiber. By adding just a couple spoonfuls to your dogs dinner everyday, you can increase fiber intake and firm up those stool a bit. Be sure to use plain, not sweetened pumpkin or potatoes. The plain foods have plenty of natural sweetness and you dont want the extra ingredients contained in the mixes. Sometimes mix a little with a bit of yogurt. The pumpin is very highly recommended, because it can help with diarrhea, consitpation and pancreatic issues.

**We require 3 days baking time To ensure freshness.** If needed for a special occasion give adequate time for baking and shipping time. PLEASE keep them stored in the refridgerator in a storage bag or container. Buy more and save!

~all bakery items are sent with a cold gel pack~

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