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PAW'S PetAirWay Airlines

PAW'S PetAirWay Airlines
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Product Description

"Welcome to Pet Airways, a Pet Only Airline.

Pets fly in the main cabin, NOT in cargo!

1. Drop your pet off at our Pet Lounge, located at (or very near) an easy-access local airport. You must check in your pet no later than 2 hours before take off. If you choose, you may check in your pet up to 48 hours before the flight. We’ll be happy to board your pet at our PAWS Lodge until the flight. 2. A Potty Break happens less than 2 hours before the flight if pet has been checked in more than 3 hours before the flight.

3. The Pet Limo takes all our pawsengers to the plane an hour before flight time.

4. Pets board the plane and our Pet Attendants make sure they’re all comfortable and that they, and their pet carrier, are secure.

5. A Pet Attendant monitors and checks the comfort of all pawsengers every 15 minutes during the flight. After landing, pets will be disembarked, given a potty break, and board the pet limo for their trip to the Pet Lounge at their destination. 6. Pick up your pet up at the Pet Lounge at your destination, knowing he or she has traveled comfortably and safely in the main cabin of our plane. If you cannot pick up your pet that day, we will be happy to board your pet overnight at the PAWS Lodge.

And don’t forget:

Each time pets move anywhere, from the Pet Lounge to the pet limo or from the pet limo to the plane, we track and record their progress, which means you can monitor your pet’s journey every step of the way online at


This is a GREAT thing for those of us who havent traveled because we didnt want to send our babies like LUGGAGE!!! I wish they went one step farther tho and made it where we could flu together...still not comfortable about letting a stranger WALK my baby!!! But its a start and what a SMART idea!!!!

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