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Rose Sherbert Necklace

Rose Sherbert Necklace
Item# rose-sherbert-necklace
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Product Description

Rose Sherbert Necklace
This necklace just reminded me of sherbert. It has colors of lite lime green and rose. It has a center bead of a Very large embossed heart. There are 2 diamond foil shaped rose and green beads and 2 square rose foiled beads. Than there are beads of green foil and pink little bugle beads. This necklace is just cute and soft looking. It has a square charm that is pink and bordered with crystals and the center has a black heart with pink crystals on it. This piece measures 11 inches. I have an assortment of extra charms if you would like to mix them up! **Caution** these necklaces are NOT intended to replace your pets collars. PLEASE only use only as decoration.

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